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12 Most Badass Female Tattoo Artists

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There are some pretty amazing female artists that made a name for themselves. And we’re here to talk about them, to honor them. The industry is now beginning to highlight some super badass female emerging and existing tattoo artists and damn do they ever kick serious ass in all aspects of their craft. Their experience, the methods they use, and their own unique and personal style, which they so beautifully infuse into their work, all play a part in what makes them the best of the best. They come from all parts of the world and many walks of life and their backgrounds and internal inspiration drive them to success within their practice.

A fine piece of art, especially one that will hold a permanent spot on your body is worth travelling across the globe for. The female tattoo artists, from across the world, we’re about to introduce you to, make up some of the best female tattoo artists around. Some of the artists may be familiar while others, you’ve likely never heard of and will be wondering why after you read all about them and see their incredible signature work!

Famous Female Tattoo Artists

We’ve created our list of the most badass famous female tattoo artists by curating the artists who have created the largest impact and impression on their audience. Fame doesn’t always come on the big screen; in the world of social media, fame often comes by effectively highlighting your brand and promoting it in the most authentic way you can. Without further ado, we’ll share our list, in no particular order, of the most highly successful and recognized female tattoo artists from all over the world.

Stick around for the last few or you’ll miss out on some of the best!

Kat Von D

First up on our list, and very well known, is one of the most badass famous female tattoo artists around. Kat is known not only for her work as a tattoo artist, but she is also a musician, TV personality, model, and entrepreneur. Extremely popular with celebrities like Lady Gaga and Dave Navaro, you can find Kat sharing her passion at the studio she owns, High Voltage Tattoos.

Location: Hollywood, California, USA 

Specialization: Fine Line Designs, Portraits

Instagram:  @thekatvond

Angelique Houtkamp

Here’s an example of an incredible artist who is using her passion in art towards philanthropy. As the owner and operator at Salon Serpent Tattoo, Angelique often works with breast cancer survivors, creating realistic nipple reconstruction for her clients.

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Specialization: Neo Tradition, Colourful, Caricatures

Instagram:  @angeliquehoutkamp

Laura Juan

From first glance, you wouldn’t necessarily peg Laura Juan as a tattoo artist let alone a badass one but you’d be surprised how insanely good her designs are! Laura came out on top as one of the favorites at the London Tattoo Convention and has grown a massive following for the surreal quality designs she comes up with.

Location: Madrid, Spain 

Specialization: Semi-realistic, Hyper-realism, Dramatic, Colourful

Instagram:  @laurajuan_art

Alex Strangler

This gorgeous artist brings a soft aspect to her cartoonish designs which are largely inspired by pop culture (i.e Disney, Simpsons etc.) In an industry that is normally dominated by intense imagery, Alex brings forward a fun and playful side to her designs.

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA 

Specialization: Neo-traditional, Cartoonish, Colourful, Bright, Bold, Playful, Slight 80’s edge.

Instagram:  @alexstrangler

Kate Mackay Gill

This one is for all you ladies in the UK. Have your eyes set on the likes of Teresa Sharpe, the iconic season 2 winner of Best Ink, but you have no plans of flying over to the USA for an appointment. We’ve found a UK based artist who is just as badass.

Location: Brighton, UK 

Specialization: Dark Neo-Traditional, Texturing & Colours, Ornate Designs, Animal/Nature based

Instagram: @kate_selkie

Clare Clarity

For all the Aussies out there or anyone planning a trip out, you’ll want to check the work of Clare Clarity! If you’ve ever thought about painting your pooch permanently to you, she’s the expert.

Location: Melbourne, Australia 

Specialization: Neo-traditional, Pet Portraits, Bold Colours, Smooth Fades, Dark Lines

Instagram: @clareclarity

Stephanie Tamez

With an impressive resume when it comes to experience within the industry, Stephanie is one of the, if not the most badass of the female tattoo artists on our list. You can find her working out of Saved Tattoo Studios where she inks many celebrity clients like Slayer and The Undertaker.

Location: New York, USA 

Specialization: Theme-based Fonts & Lettering, Typography

Instagram: @stephanietamez

Hannah Aitchison

Having made several TV appearances, this talented artist is able to shine her personality onto the tattoos she creates for her clients. Years of experience coupled with insane passion for her industry are only a few of the reasons why Hannah Aichison is so amazing!

Location: Pittsburg, USA 

Specialization: New School Style, Bold Images, Colourful

Instagram: @badmissh

Hannah Pixie Snowdon

Originally from the UK and currently travelling across the world, she may not be so easy to track down but if you do it’ll be worth it! What makes this gal so awesome is that she draws her inspiration from a more energetic and spiritual source. Take a look at her work and the messages she puts out to the universe, throughout her online presence on IG, and you’ll see what we mean. Not only an incredible female tattoo artist, this women is also a spiritual goddess.

Location: Traveling the World 

Specialization: Floral Designs, Geometric Patterns, Dot Work

Instagram: @hannahpixiesnow

Anka Lavriv

Co-owner of Black Iris Tattoo, Anka Lavriv is well known for her intricate black and white tattoo designs and her ability to blend this intricacy with a touch of whimsical. It is clear to see, when looking at her work, that inspiration flows her.

Location: New York, USA 

Specialization: Fine Lines, Stippling, Delicate Designs, Focused Detail


Ryan Ashley Malarkey

Last but definitely not least on your list of the most badass famous female tattoo artists is Ryan Ashley Malarkey. With an insanely large following on IG, this gal is a serious artist. She is the co-owner of The Strange And Unusual Oddities Parlor and also the co-host of Ink Master Angels on the Paramount Network. One of the most impressive aspects about Ryan is that she is one of the rare artists who is able to freehand a tattoo! If you’re looking for a unique design, crafted with care and precision, Ryan is your gal!

Location: Pennsylvania, USA 

Specialization: Realistic, Intricate Designs, Faux Bead & Lacework

Instagram: @ryanashleymalarkey

Liz Cook

Wondering which famous female tattoo artist is the top of them all, well, here’s a strong contender. With her own line of tattoo inks, she works from her home studio designing and creating badass tattoos that are so life-like you’d think you could reach out and touch them. Many would describe Liz’s style as vibrant and realistic.

Location: Texas, USA 

Specialization: Photo-realism, Neo-Trad, Portraits, Roses

Instagram: @lizcooktattoo

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