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10 Marvelous Jewelry Gifts for Christmas by Controse

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Christmas is only a month away and all the streets have been decorated. So, it is time to think about your loved ones and what to get them this holiday season. Sometimes it is hard to pick the right gift, but if you have someone that loves tattoo art, you certainly will find something here for everyone.

Skull Rose Birthstone Necklace with Swarovski Crystal

This rebellious but beautiful necklace features symbols that celebrate life and they come in many colors. Skull Rose necklace is made of stainless steel and can be found with 12 different birthstones of different colors and meanings. Also, the birthstones are made of Swarovski crystals and are embedded as the eyes of the skull. So why not completely personalize your gift to your loved one and get them this shiny meaningful piece.


Cat Necklace - Feral Bones

Cats have been the symbol for mysticism for centuries and this Skeleton cat necklace makes cats even more mystical. This necklace medallion represents a detailed skeleton of a cat and it is finished with black epoxy, then it is attached to a necklace made of stainless steel that is 28” long. Because of its looks, it can certainly add a touch of mystique to a person wearing it and it looks absolutely stunning.


The Eternal Lovers Skull Cameo Necklace

If you’re planning to get something for your boyfriend or a girlfriend then this just might be the best gift. This stainless steel Cameo necklace is perfect for couples because ti features eternal lovers! It is finished off with black epoxy and it comes with 17” long chain, plus the extender. The Cameo piece is a real representation of your love for one another, and what is more, you can find similar necklaces to gift each other and really make that love stronger.


Dinosaur Necklace Mini T-Rex Skull Pendant

For all dinosaur enthusiasts, this is a perfect piece of jewelry. The small but mighty T-Rex skull is made of stainless steel and it hangs from the pendant of steel link chain. It is fierce, it is cute and it comes in various sizes, so why not pick this out for your loved one. However, if you know the T-Rex is not the right choice, don’t worry, you can find other cute and fierce reptiles in our store.


Cherry Skulls Necklace

This sweet and badass necklace is certainly unique! It’s made of silver-toned stainless steel but it is covered in red epoxy for that edgy look, which makes it a perfect accessory to all the outfits. Since the skulls are made to look like cherries, this piece is certainly perfect for one of your teenage siblings who like to play the rebellious girl.


Unicorn Skeleton Necklace

Unicorns are all-time favorite mythical creatures and this necklace captures that. It is a morbid but magical piece since it is a unicorn skeleton and it is made of stainless steel covered with black epoxy. This necklace is certainly something and it brings grace and grit to any outfit.


The Floral Sugar Skull Necklace

There is no better way to pay homage to the sacred Dia de Los Muertos than with this necklace. It is badass, it is beautiful and filled with colors. It certainly has the vibes of the voodoo-like spirit and you can wear it anywhere. The Floral Sugar Skull is made of stainless steel and it is covered in mesmerizing floral designs colored with epoxy and bright colors.


Bound for Eternity Skull Heart Necklace

The best gift for Christmas can be your promise for an eternal love, which you can show with this Skull Heart necklace! The pendant is made of stainless steel and is decorated with black epoxy, bringing the skeletal details into the focus. It is hung on a chain and the Bound for Eternity Skull Heart necklace has two white Swarovski crystals for eyes; making it even more special, sparkly and love-bound.


Marijuana Leaf and Skull Necklace

You can make this Christmas just perfect for your little rascal siblings who dream of embracing that high life! The Marijuana Leaf and Skull necklace are made of stainless steel and the pendant itself is shaped like the Indica leaf, with giddy skulls engraved inside.


“Eff Off!” Skeleton Hand Necklace with Magnetic Ornament

If your best friend loves “giving the finger”, then this is just the perfect Christmas gift. This skeleton hand necklace certainly says “Eff Off” to anyone who looks at it and it is made of strong stainless steel. It is quite bold, it has an attitude and it has a detachable steel ornament in a form of another “bird flip” in case one middle finger is not enough. Other hand gestures are available as well if you believe this is too strong.


Why not make this Christmas special with fun gifts that can fit anyone’s personality? Just dig through our guide and see what piece of jewelry is perfect for your loved ones this year!