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How to Wear Bracelets - A Guide for Guys

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Accessories used to be mostly popular with women, but as fashion changes there are many pieces today, designed just for men. However, not every piece looks amazing with every outfit or occasion, and that is why every man should learn how to wear a bracelet of his liking. And this how to wear bracelets for guys guide is here to help!

How to wear strings and rope cords

Rope cord and string bracelets are simple, yet stylish and they come in various thicknesses. Some of them are decorative and some are plain and simple and they come in various materials. The most popular ones are hemp bands with beads woven, and they give you that surfer-dude vibes. Another style that these bracelets come in are the combination of rope and leather, which are more formal and easier to pair with work attire, but are more fit for casual outfits. What is more, they are adjustable, they look chic and give you that tough but stylish guy vibes.

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How to wear broad metal bands

Metal bends are probably one of the most popular men bracelets and they are a perfect match for suits and ties. They may come in variety of flavors and styles, but the overall effect stays the same: a simple and solid bold statement on your wrist.

If you wish to have a little flash and swagger, then a single metal bracelet is for you. Pair it with simple and elegant clothes and you are ready for your office meeting or to wow women. However, make sure to keep your sleeves short or roll up your shirt sleeves and voila! Also, remember to steer clear of too flashy metal bands, you can stick to two colors of metal without any gemstones in them. And don’t pair them with watches - it’s an either/or choice.

How to wear ID bracelets

ID bracelets have that classic heritage, since they were issued by soldiers in WWII. Most guys prefer such bracelets, because they give them that army look. They have a thin metal chain and a simple rectangular plate centered on the top of the wrist. These bracelets give you the retro look, most guys wish to have, and you can wear them to casual clothes, like fitted jeans and white T-shirts - the classic postwar American look.

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How to wear leather cuffs

If you wish to have that classic punk style, then you should learn how to wear a bracelet made of black leather. These go great with Doc Martens or army surplus gear, but you can wear them on a simple black T-shirt and black jeans. However, if you wish to have a colored leather cuff, you can get that big metal band look, but without it being too flashy and heavy. You can even go for something more stylish, like braided style cuffs in brown leather, which are much more casual, but give you that edge.

Rock ‘n’ Roll bracelets

This category is broad, but the main motifs are silver skulls, red rhinestone eyes, scorpions and other badass symbols paired with leather. Rock ‘n’ Roll bracelets come in various sizes, so pick them according to the occasion. Don’t wear chunkier stuff with suits and ties, there are some thinner and more simple jewelry solutions for such outfits. But, if you’re going out on a metal or rock concert, or you simply want to look tough and hardcore while wearing casual clothes, then you can go with bigger pieces.

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This is a simple guide for how to wear bracelets for guys, and it should help you find your style. Just remember not to overdo it, because you might end up looking ridiculous. Find your favorite, find the right attire for it and you are set!