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Most Popular TV Shows About Tattoos

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Even though there are various thoughts and opinions on body ink, many of us still love making our bodies stand out with it. Tattoos have been popular since the dawn of time and they are even considered art today.

With their popularity rising, of course the media and production studios have taken over and created various series and shows on such topics. You even have famous TV series with main plot twists happening based on tattoos, like Blindspot for example.

However, that’s primarily fiction, and here we would like to focus on the tattoo TV shows that talk only about body ink.

Bad Ink

Bad ink is among America’s most popular TV shows about tattoos. It is a reality television series (premiere date August 11th, 2013), aired on A&E channel. It is about a tattoo artist and musician Dirk Vermin and his friend and bandmate Rob Ruckus and they own a tattoo studio called Pussykat Tattoo in Las Vegas. What they do is seek people with bad tattoos and try transform them into something more meaningful, better looking and done with skill. Basically, they do cover-up work, and they do it well. What really catches the eye in this show are the titles of the episodes, such as When Animal Tattoos Attack or Tramp Stamps Gone Wild, so you can basically know what is going to happen.

Bondi Ink Tattoo Crew

While those bad tattoos are happening in America, way across the world in Australia, we have this show about a successful tattoo studio. They released their first episode on Australia’s Network Ten on July 28 in 2015 and it’s still running. It follows the daily work of the tattoo artists and their fun time at the studio, but of course there is some drama to intrigue the audience.

Just Tattoo of Us

You can guess by the quirky name that this TV show is about couples and their tattoos. But not entirely. This very popular TV show in London follows Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear and their work at the studio called Just Tattoo of Us. It aired on April 3rd in 2017 and it is still going with its third season starting in October 2018. In each episode, a pair of friends, couples or family members come to them in order to get some ink. However, there is a catch. Each individual of the couple picks a tattoo for their friend, spouse, lover, or family member and the person who is getting the ink doesn’t know what it’s going to be. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

London Ink

This show aired on Discovery Real Time in 2007 and it has two seasons for now. It follows Louis Molloy and her three other tattoo fellow artists. They all bring different styles to London Ink, but Louis Malloy certainly is the most famous. She specializes in straight and parallel lines and some other difficult shapes and she has actually tattooed David Beckham. Other artists are Dan Gold who is an amazing graffiti artist who brought such style into the tattoo sphere, Nikole Low who specializes in Indian, Tibetan and Japanese-like art and last but not least there is Phil Kyle who brought a new wave old school style from America into England.

Tattoo Nightmares

Last but no least of the TV shows about tattoos is this American reality television series from North Hollywood. It aired on October 16th, 2012 and it ran on Spike until 2015. This show depicts horror stories of unfortunate tattoos and it follows the artists who attempt to fix them. Some of the cast includes Jasmine Rodriguez, Tommy Helm and Big Gus.

There you have it, a couple of most popular tattoo TV shows. They all are fun, they do feature some of the unfortunate works by unprofessionals but the stars of these shows are trying their best to make them right. And you have to admit that some of these are pretty funny.